Importance of Strangers

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The Importance of Strangers

Your friends and family will love & care for you, but nobody will support you like a stranger.

When you’re a kid your parents tell you, “Don’t talk to strangers”. As you get older you realize how significant a role strangers play in your success.

In life, your friends and family will love and care for you, but nobody will support you like a stranger. Ask any actor, musician, athlete or business owner and they will tell you if it wasn’t for strangers they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Speaking from my personal experience. If I relied solely on the support of those closest to me, my business wouldn’t of made a single penny. Why is that? Why are we more willing to give our hard earned money to support the progression of strangers than people we know in our personal lives?

We all know someone who owns a business or is trying to pursue a career in the arts. Yet, we are more likely to pay money to attend a concert for a celebrity, than go see a friend perform at a free open mic night. However, our friends and family are not all to blame.

Art often imitates life. Whether you are a musician, writer, director or comedian, it’s our personal life experiences that inspires our creativity which then gets channeled into our work. Some of the most successful songs, movies, and books are based on true stories or events.

I believe it’s this very reason that many people disconnect their work from friends and family. Whether we like it our not, the perception we have of our self is different than how others perceive you to be. As a result, those closest to you will have a bias opinion towards your work. It’s difficult for someone in your personal life to support something you’ve produced that’s portrayed differently than the perception they have of you.

If you truly want to know the quality of your work, show it to strangers. People whose opinion can only be formulated based on the product itself and not the person.