Money Is The Root Of All Evil

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Until we get over the psychological hangup that we can’t exist in a world without money, we will never progress as people.
We’ve made more technological advancements in the last 50 years, than the last 500 combined. Advancements in areas of agriculture, medicine, communication, manufacturing have all contributed to improving our quality of life.

The reality is we’ve finally reached an end to humanity’s purpose in life, the struggle for survival. This should mark the beginning of our cultural progression into the 21st century.

It’s time we allow technology to work as it was intended, to make life easier. The greatest inventions throughout history weren’t motivated by money, but improving the lives of other people.
Money, like all inventions are meant to improve our quality of life. When inventions no longer serve their purpose we must learn to let them go.

When you introduce technology to an economy based on money, it no longer becomes the solution, but the problem that impedes progression. As technology increases so will the unemployment rate. We should look at that as the goal, not the problem.