Dreams of Disney

I get from people, what most look for in faith. Religion provides answers to the questions we cannot answer. It helps people find comfort by giving them a sense of purpose and meaning to their life.

I was raised catholic, until I reached the age of reason. I realized that religion was not helping me get through life, but hindering my ability to live it. I found more meaning in the quotes of ordinary people whose words can be backed by proof, than a priest’s interpretation of bible passages written in the past.

Walt Disney proved that if you truly believe in your ideas, and have the courage to see past the opinions of other people, anything is possible. He dreamed that a cartoon mouse and a few of his fictitious friends could make the world a better place, and he built his own amusement park to prove it.

Find something in life that motivates and inspires you to constantly push past your own expectations. The only limitations in life are the ones we haven’t yet dreamed of achieving.

Regardless of your career or profession. We are all in the business of helping people. Life isn’t about making an income, but an impact.

Find an application in everyday life that takes something you are passionate about, and develop a way to monetize it into a product or service that can help improve the quality of life for those around you.